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    Hello! I am Goran Margetić.

    Web, Indie Game and software developer, photographer and cartoonist.

Website is still under construction.

Some things you should know about me

Programming and Scripting Languages?

PHP, C#, VB.NET, QuakeC, Python, Javascript, Lua, HTML5/CSS3...

Favorite Frameworks and Libs?

PHP: Laravel. Javascript: jQuery. HTML/CSS: Bootstrap. Laravel's Blade templateing engine.

Linux and Linux Security

Linux administration. Pentesting (Redhat) services. Pentesting websites and web services.

Photography, Animation and Illustration

Nature, animal, food and portraits photography. Photoshop, fantasy and dream photo manipulation.

What else?

I'm also a Graphics designer and Cartoonist. I like to solve problems that require math, logic, brain and common sense.


I love to cook and experimenting with food. I like to solve puzzles and algorithms, learning new stuff, experimenting with new and unknown things...

I'm also a really big fan of Sci-Fi, Advanture and Mystery movies. I'm working on AI and nerve algorithm too. Oh yeah! And a dog named Zeus, English Bulldog 1 year year old cuddle.

Get in Touch with Me

Fell free to contact me for anything you have on your mind.

Croatia, Ivanić Grad